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Voted in Committee to Push Carbon Capture by Facilities from 50% to 90%

HB 3837
"Relating to the designation of advanced clean energy projects."

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility well-analyzed this bad bill: "HB 3837 seeks to make it so facilities must capture 90%, instead of 50%, of carbon emissions to qualify for a clean energy program. Making it more difficult for natural gas producers only helps with the environmental alarmist anti-oil agenda. Texas is blessed to have an economy that is abundant with energy and we should reject all green energy plans or hurdles that hurt natural gas and oil producers."

Although the bill was amended to remove the jump in percentage before it went to a floor vote, the original language was passed out of committee.

See 4/3/2023 Committee Vote

(H) House Energy Resources Committee met and voted for passage. Ayes (Goldman; Morales, Eddie; Anchía; Anderson; Bailes; Darby; Gerdes; Guerra; Thierry)

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