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4 suits,
2 jokers,
... and a whole lot of facts.

Bills / Actions

Although these bills / actions didn't affect placement within the deck (except for the first three), they do show very questionable Republican representation where a representative voted Yes or indicated that they meant to vote Yes.

Too often, our representatives don't consider the impact of their votes on every Texan. Bills that cater to leftist ideology, higher spending that inevitably leads to higher taxation, bills that erode the priorities of the Republican Party... these should never see a Republican vote. If a Republican does vote for these bills, it's a betrayal.

Browse through and see what you think. Would you have voted for these? If not, and your rep voted for these, then perhaps you need a new rep.

For the record, only a few Republican representatives voted for, or indicated a willingness to vote for, one or less of these: Tony Tinderholt, Shelby Slawson, Carrie Isaac, and Steve Toth.

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View Detail  Voted YES on Impeachment of our Attorney General

View Detail  Was a House Impeachment Manager Against our Attorney General

View Detail  Joined the Democrats on Nov 10 to Stop Business During Special Session

View Detail  Voted to Allow Grants to Hospitals that Transition Children

View Detail  Approved Legislation that Buys into the Notion of "Carbon Credits"

View Detail  Voted for a Taxpayer-Funded Study of a Mileage Tax

View Detail  Voted to Remove Death Penalty for Murderers with Mental Illness

View Detail  Voted to Let San Antonio Use State Taxpayer Money for Local Projects

View Detail  Voted in Committee to Push Carbon Capture by Facilities from 50% to 90%

View Detail  Voted to Force Taxpayers to Pay for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

View Detail  Wanted to Use Local Taxpayer Money to Let Tenants Sue Landlords

View Detail  Voted to Reconsider a Pro-Life Amendment that had been Adopted

View Detail  Voted to Let Asylees or Refugees Use TWIC Card as Voter ID

View Detail  Voted for Ordinary Taxpayers to Pay for Corporate Welfare

View Detail  Wants Your Tax Dollars to Reimburse Sporting Events

View Detail  Voted to Let Municipalities Lower Speed Limits with No Traffic Study

View Detail  Voted for the Creation of a Digital ID in Texas

View Detail  Voted for Uneven Distribution of State Highway Funds

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