52 politicians,
4 suits,
2 jokers,
... and a whole lot of facts.


Ace of Donkeys
Steve Allison
HD 121

King of Donkeys
J.M. Lozano
HD 43

Queen of Donkeys
Angie Button
HD 112

Jack of Donkeys
Drew Darby
HD 72

Ten of Donkeys
Frederick Frazier
HD 61

Nine of Donkeys
Gary VanDeaver
HD 1

Eight of Donkeys
Charles Cunningham
HD 127

Seven of Donkeys
Travis Clardy
HD 11

Six of Donkeys
Stan Kitzman
HD 85

Five of Donkeys
Keith Bell
HD 4

Four of Donkeys
Jay Dean
HD 7

Three of Donkeys
Mano DeAyala
HD 133

Two of Donkeys
Stan Gerdes
HD 17


Ace of Betrayers
Charlie Geren
HD 99

King of Betrayers
Todd Hunter
HD 32

Queen of Betrayers
Jeff Leach
HD 67

Jack of Betrayers
Dustin Burrows
HD 83

Ten of Betrayers
Jacey Jetton
HD 26

Nine of Betrayers
Ernest Bailes
HD 18

Eight of Betrayers
Brad Buckley
HD 54

Seven of Betrayers
Kronda Thimesch
HD 65

Six of Betrayers
Glenn Rogers
HD 60

Five of Betrayers
Stephanie Klick
HD 91

Four of Betrayers
Lynn Stucky
HD 64

Three of Betrayers
Jared Patterson
HD 106

Two of Betrayers
Cody Harris
HD 8


Ace of Spenders
Ryan Guillen
HD 31

King of Spenders
Kyle Kacal
HD 12

Queen of Spenders
Angelia Orr
HD 13

Jack of Spenders
Hugh Shine
HD 55

Ten of Spenders
Stan Lambert
HD 71

Nine of Spenders
DeWayne Burns
HD 58

Eight of Spenders
James Frank
HD 69

Seven of Spenders
Brooks Landgraf
HD 81

Six of Spenders
David Spiller
HD 68

Five of Spenders
Giovanni Capriglione
HD 98

Four of Spenders
Reggie Smith
HD 62

Three of Spenders
Tom Craddick
HD 82

Two of Spenders
John Smithee
HD 86


Ace of Elitists
Morgan Meyer
HD 108

King of Elitists
John Lujan
HD 118

Queen of Elitists
Janie Lopez
HD 37

Jack of Elitists
Ken King
HD 88

Ten of Elitists
John Kuempel
HD 44

Nine of Elitists
Sam Harless
HD 126

Eight of Elitists
Andrew Murr
HD 53

Seven of Elitists
Trent Ashby
HD 9

Six of Elitists
Justin Holland
HD 33

Five of Elitists
Greg Bonnen
HD 24

Four of Elitists
Cody Vasut
HD 25

Three of Elitists
David Cook
HD 96

Two of Elitists
Carl Tepper
HD 84


Dade Phelan
HD 21 / Speaker

Briscoe Cain
HD 128

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