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March 5th Primary Challengers

Dennis London (R)
Katrina Pierson (R)

Voted for Uneven Distribution of State Highway Funds

HJR 27
"Proposing a constitutional amendment providing for the creation of and use of money in the Grow Texas fund and allocating certain general revenues to that fund, the economic stabilization fund, and the state highway fund."

As our Grassroots champion Terri Hall explains it, this bill creates "a GROW fund to dedicate a portion of the oil and gas tax to stay in West Texas to help maintain roads in the oil fields where wear and tear has caused greater than normal damage to roads. The argument in favor is they fuel our state, so everyone benefits from their oil and gas. However, when we go down the road of carving out funds for just certain areas of the state, many parts of the state have excess wear and tear due to oil & gas exploration but also heavy tractor trailers from trade, logging, and a host of other issues. Where would this end? Our State Highway Fund is designed to distribute gas taxes fairly in order to maintain the entire system."

Yeas 121 (R 76, D 45)
Nays 14 (R 6, D 8)
View in House Legislative Journal

Yea - Allen; Allison; Anderson; Ashby; Bailes; Bell, C.; Bell, K.; Bhojani; Bonnen; Bowers; Bryant; Buckley; Bumgarner; Burns; Burrows; Button; Cain; Campos; Canales; Capriglione; Clardy; Cole; Cook; Cortez; Craddick; Cunningham; Darby; Davis; Dean; DeAyala; Dorazio; Dutton; Flores; Frank; Frazier; Gamez; Garcia; Gates; Gerdes; Geren; Gervin-Hawkins; Goldman; González, M.; Goodwin; Guerra; Guillen; Harless; Harris, C. E.; Hayes; Hefner; Hernandez; Holland; Hull; Hunter; Isaac; Jetton; Johnson, A.; Johnson, J. D.; Jones, J.; Jones, V.; Kacal; King, K.; King, T.; Kitzman; Klick; Kuempel; Lambert; Landgraf; Leach; Leo-Wilson; Longoria; Lopez, J.; Lopez, R.; Lozano; Lujan; Martinez; Martinez Fischer; Metcalf; Meyer; Meza; Moody; Morales Shaw; Morales, C.; Morales, E.; Morrison; Muñoz; Murr; Neave Criado; Noble; Oliverson; Orr; Ortega; Patterson; Paul; Perez; Price; Raney; Raymond; Reynolds; Rogers; Romero; Rose; Rosenthal; Schatzline; Schofield; Shaheen; Shine; Slaton; Smith; Smithee; Spiller; Stucky; Tepper; Thimesch; Thompson, S.; Troxclair; VanDeaver; Vasut; Walle; Wu; Zwiener

Nay - Anchía; Collier; González, J.; Harrison; Hinojosa; Manuel; Ramos; Schaefer; Sherman; Slawson; Swanson; Tinderholt; Toth; Turner

Please note: the following statements by legislators do not affect the vote count that was recorded.

C. Morales: "When Record No. 764 was taken, I was shown voting yes. I intended to vote no."

Howard: "When Record No. 764 was taken, I was in the house but away from my desk. I would have voted yes."

Meza: "When Record No. 764 was taken, I was shown voting yes. I intended to vote no."

Ramos: "When Record No. 764 was taken, I was shown voting no. I intended to vote yes."

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