52 politicians,
4 suits,
2 jokers,
... and a whole lot of facts.

Donkeys, Betrayers, Spenders, and Elitists


We chose Donkeys as a suit because we all know that we become who we hang around. And if you hang around Democrats and vote with Democrats, then it's no surprise to anyone that you might start to resemble a donkey.


Ever feel betrayed by your Representative? Given some of the votes you see on this website, any GOP voter would feel betrayed. So Betrayers is a suit and we chose a snake as its symbol... after all, if the wrong people keep getting elected and hurt you with bad policies, you tend to feel bitten.


Can we just agree that big government starts with big spending? We the people need to do a much better job watching how our legislature spends our tax money. We do well to focus on bills that shape culture and rule of law. We need to give more attention to spending bills. And here at Grassroots America We the People, we will be.


Those in government are supposed to serve the people. Often, that is not how it feels. Rather than trying to understand us, politicians who don't listen try to portray themselves as the victim and tell us that we just don't understand. Hogwash. We've had enough with those who believe that they are better than we are...

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