52 politicians,
4 suits,
2 jokers,
... and a whole lot of facts.

Do you think we need more - or less - government?

Here's the truth: whenever the government grows and spends more money, you will be taxed to pay for it. You are the only source of revenue for the government. You pay for it all.

Every bill or action listed on this website grew government or spent your money.

What you will find here are some of the votes or actions our Republican State Representatives in the Texas legislature did on your behalf. They did it without asking you. So, did they represent you when they chose to grow the government or spend your money?

To make it a bit more entertaining, we placed these Republicans into a deck of cards with four suits: Donkeys, Betrayers, Spenders, and Elitists. Take a look. Find your Representative. Browse through the bills. See how we chose who made it into the deck and where we placed them.

All of this data comes with receipts: we point to the official source for the Texas Legislature itself. We give you the links for the irrefutable facts. The only question is whether these votes and actions represented what you would have wanted your representative to do.

At Grassroots America We the People, we focus on facts. We believe that you have the right to see the facts. Transparency, which leads to accountability, is our best weapon against tyranny.

We built a website called Grassroots Priorities that shows you very comprehensively what happened during regular session in 2023. Having all of that information allowed us to build this website.

So, if you're tired of big government, then take a look.

We make this analysis and these tools available for free.
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Grassroots America We the People